Best places to visit in thailand

Top Places to Visit in Thailand

Thailand is the most beautiful and impressive tourist attraction destination to travel with family and friends. Planning your holiday or vacation for International trip Thailand is the best place to spend your vacation. Thailand attractions are Buddha temples, Islands, Beaches, Adventures, wildlife, Thailand spa, shopping and more beyond to enjoy. We like to suggest few best places in Thailand and never miss this places if you visit Thailand. Thai is the best place to enjoy your international trip from India with less expensive for food, travel, accommodation, sightseeing.

Things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok city is the most famous tourist attraction places in Thailand. Explore the beauty for the city, food, culture and more, bangkok nightlife is very good to explore the activities in the city. Best time to visit is June to August in mid of the year you can find some best deals and discounts on Thailand tourism. During the summer season the visitors will be more flight tickets, Hotel prices will slightly more. Find best places to visit Thailand, Where to stay in bangkok, Budget oriented hotels, luxury hotels, shopping in Bangkok you can choose as per your budget.

1. The Grand Palace Bangkok

The Grand palace at Rattanakosin in Bangkok is the beautiful palace, it was the home of kings of Siam. Lord Buddha is the most beautiful attraction in the palace it is considered as must see place in bangkok. During peak season crowd will be high more no. of visitors will visit this place and also need to follow dress code. Short pants, sleeve less shirts are not allowed need to wear full length pants and shirts with sleeves. Entrance fees is 500 baht per person at Grand palace, if you are wearing short dresses you can buy long dresses for rent.

2. Bangkok Safari world

The safari work park is the famous and very important attraction place in Thailand tourism. Safari word is divided in to two parts of sightseeing one is marine park and second is safari park with wide range of animals. This is very important place and worth for money spend, you can explore animals like lion, giraffe, monkey, zebra and more at very nearest. You can feed your animals and take photographs very nearest that charges you extra can experience unforgettable moments. Indian restaurant is available inside safari world park for visitors from India food taste is very good. Ticket price at safari world park is 1000 baht for one adult marine park + safari park with lunch. Experience different shows in marine park like birds show, elephant show and more stunt shows at the park. Visiting can be choosen as per you wish and timings if you want to visit only safari park you can visit with out marine that cost you approximate 600 baht. Online booking is also available to book tickets with some affordable prices. Even you can choose a complete packages with Hotel, food, sightseeing, tickets booking on travel agents like Makemytrip, Yatra.

3. The Golden Buddha Temple

Golden Buddha temple is the famous Buddha temple in Bangkok, it is one of the best place to visit in Thailand. The Lord Buddha is the main attraction in the temple made in full of gold more than 5 ton weight. The Golden Buddha temple is very pleasant place to visit with your family and friends in Thailand. Guides are available you can hire to know about the real ancient 700 years back history about the temple if you are interested. In Thailand temples dress code is very important short dresses are not allowed in temple follow the dress code or rent the dresses at outside the temple.

Things to do in Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the city in Thailand to explore wildlife, water parks, beaches, nightlife at Thailand, parties, spa, shopping. Thailand Pattaya is famous and must visit place to explore the most beautiful places, activities, hotels, shopping, street walking with your family and friends.

1. Sriracha Tiger Zoo

 The Sriracha Tiger zoo is located just 90km distance from Bangkok in Thailand. Sriracha Tiger zoo is best place to visit in Thailand to spend your time with your children’s. To visit Sriracha Tiger zoo time required is half day to explore animals and all activities, animal shows at the zoo in Thailand. This is considered as the best place in the Thailand Tourism, Tiger feeding is very famous. You can feed milk to small baby Tiger and can take photos need to pay extra for ticket for feeding tiger. Different shows are organized inside the zoo kids will love, spending time in zoo is really worth. Feeding wild animals and capturing photos with animals is very wonder experience  in pattaya sriracha tiger zoo.

2. Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of truth in pattaya Thailand is amazing place to explore the wooden building architecture and philosophy. Sanctuary of truth is also know as the temple of Buddhist, Hindu where you can see Lord Brahma, Lord vinayaka in the building architecture. The most amazing and wonderful place to visit in Thailand on your vacation or holidays with your family. The building is made of wooden construction with beautiful architecture and has great ancient history. If you are planning a trip to Thailand never miss this places must see add to your travel list and explore the beauty in pattaya. The entrance fees at Sanctuary of truth is 500 baht paying money is really value to explore the amazing building structures artistic of Hindu gods.

3. Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach in Pattaya is the most beautiful beach destination in Thailand. Best place visit in Thailand Pattya is Jomtien Beach to enjoy several activities in water, boat rides, water games and more. At the weekend Jomtien Beach is fully crowded, activities will be also more crowd than usual days. Enjoy in the beach sit in chairs , have some drinks, enjoy sunrise or sunset in the beach, food and snacks are available in beach. If your planing to stay a night in Pattaya to enjoy nightlife in Thailand you can find best hotels and resorts at Jomtien Beach in Pattaya.

4. Nong Nooch Pattya Garden

Nong Nooch Thailand garden is the most beautiful garden with different kinds of plant, trees and flowers. Great and amazing Thailand Garden to enjoy with your family and friends. Ticket booking is also available in online you can book your tickets , various shows like elephant show and activities are organized in Nong Nooch garden. Best time to visit Nong Nooch Thai garden is morning to enjoy the nature beauty of plants and trees. There are lot of things to enjoy for kids also go for elephant ride in the park, feed animals and more things to do in Thailand.



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