Best shopping places in bangalore

Best Shopping Places in Bangalore

Bangalore(Bengaluru) most famous city coming to shopping Bangalore is also considered as best place for shopping. Shopping is the favorite thing that we do usually when ever we get time but finding best places for shopping is slightness difficult. We help shoppers guiding them some best places in Bangalore for Retail and wholesale market in Bangalore. People in Bangalore are familiar about this shopping places, this will help people who are shifted newly to Bangalore, out side Bangalore people and who are visiting for Bangalore as tourist, general visit, official etc. Planning you visit to Bangalore then don’t miss this places for cheap and best shopping places in Bangalore add to your favorite shopping list in Bangalore.

Plan your day visit or weekend for the shopping places in Bangalore each area/place in Bangalore is famous for different kinds of things here are some top shopping places in Bangalore must visit for shopping.

  • Commercial Street.
  • Chikpete Market.
  • KR Market.
  • National Market.
  • Avenue Road.
  • Jayanagar Complex.
  • SP Road

1. Commercial street

Commercial street in Bangalore is very good place for shopping cloths, accessories for men and women at affordable price. Commercial street is located near Shivaji nagar you can travel to this location based on your availability car, metro, cabs, autos. You can find many things dresses, bags, shoes, cosmetics and reasonable price must visit all streets to find more choices. Car parking is limited in this area you need to find any near by location to park your car if your traveling on your own vehicle. People who are staying in Bangalore visiting to commercial street facing difficult in car parking, we suggest you to park your car in near by mall and catch cab or auto they will charge your Rs.50 parking risk is free. Commercial street shops as well as branded showrooms are available, you can visit based on your wish. Pricing is very important if your planning to go for big showroom prices are fixed no bargains. You can try bargains on some small and medium shops this is one of the best place in Bangalore to explore wide range of men, women, kids fashion collections, accessories. Are you planning for your functions for women’s who are interested in sarees and Gowns can visit commercial street has multiple choices at reasonable prices.

2. Chikpete Bangalore

Chikpete is the cheap and best wholesale market in Bangalore for sarees, salwars, function wears, men wears, kids wears, accessories, gifts, toys. Chikpete is very famous in Bangalore for wholesale market and retail shopping, different places are in chikpete famous for different kind of things at low and reasonable prices. Chikpete is very easily accessible to KR Market, Majestic metro station  is also available in chikpete.

  • Sarees in chikpet bangalore is very famous all kinds of silk sarees, cotton sarees, daily wears, functional wear sarees..etc at reasonable price.
  • All kinds of Traditional Party wear, wedding dresses for men and women at low prices in chikpete. Branded showroom, medium size shops are available at lowest prices with multiple choices of collections.
  • Visit Small or medium shops and bargain prices on cloths, accessories, if you visit on big showroom price are fixed no bargains.
  • Wide range of collections are available in small and medium size shops must have a visit and choose the best.
  • Raja market in chikpete is very good and famous places for artificial and fancy jewellery. Bridal fancy jewellery for women are at low prices and also available for rent if you submit your KYC for local bangalore peoples.
  • Toys and fancy gift items shops are available in chikpete at lowest price and wholesale toys market who are looking for reselling products.
  • Wedding cards are are cheap and best with reasonable price compared to other outlets in Bangalore you can get at very reasonable price near police station road a street full of invitation cards and return gift for all kinds of functions.
  • Home and shops electrical lightnings are available at lowest price wide range of designs.

3. KR Market

KR market (Krishna Rajendra Market) famous wholesale market in Bangalore India.  KR Market is very famous for flowers visit early morning to KR flower market wholes prices different variety of flowers like roses, all variety of gerbera flowers at low prices. Fruits, Dry fruits are available at wholesale and reasonable price at KR Market. This is the place where many people are buying flowers all kinds of occasion, function decorators are also getting flowers form KR Market at whole price in early morning. During festival season crowd will more than usual days buses, auto’s will be demand price during crowd seasons.

4. National Market

National Market is place where you can buy cosmetics, watches, mobile phones, accessories at cheap and best prices it is located near to majestic. Electronic products at national market in Bangalore is cheap be careful before buying electronics at lowest prices. Branded products are available at cheap prices, but be careful on fake products. You can also find some used electronics, mobile phones at reasonable price in National Market.

5. Avenue road

Avenue road is the cheap and best place for buying all kinds of books on street shops in Bangalore. 100+ books shops are available at whole sale and retail prices. Also buy used books in avenue road at lowest prices. Buy and sell your old books at Avenue Road wide range of book shops collections are available. MBA Books, Engineering Books, school books, story books, kids books new and used books with best discounts.

6. SP Road

SP Road in Bangalore is the best and famous place for electronics products shopping such as laptops, desktops, printers, all types of computer accessories, home theaters. Mobile accessories and computer accessorizes are available at wholesale prices. Computer sales and services are available you can buy or service your laptops, desktops, mobiles at reasonable prices.

7. Jayanagar Shopping

Jayanagar is the best place for shopping in Bangalore at lowest prices and also branded outlets are at one place walk-able distance. Branded showroom for wedding collections shopping are in Jayanagar like Kalamadir,  PN Rao, Manyavar, Kanchipuram Varamahalakshmi silks for sarees and more.

BDA complex is located at Jayanagar 4th block famous for street shopping lovers for cloths, handbags, toys and more. This place is busy always with crowed people doing shopping at cheap and best and reasonable prices.

  • Handbags shopping at Jayanagar at Rs.250 only very good and multiple designs on streets really worth good quality.
  • Wallets and belts starts from Rs.100 only. 
  • Tops and kurtis at 200 Rupees. Quality is fine the same which you are buying from online at lowest prices tops, kurtis is available here.
  • Foot wear for men, women, kids at lowest prices from Rs.150.
  • Men shoes from Rs.299 formal and casual shoes.

Streets shops are available at BDA complex Jayanagar 4th budjet shopping for street shopping . For people who are not interest on street shopping you can visit multiple branded outlet available in Jayanagar 3rd and 4th blocks on 11th Main road.



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