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Top 10 Famous Temples in Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu is the best state in India to visit famous and largest temples. Tamilnadu is good place to explore most beautiful and biggest temples this state famous for food, culture, temples. Plan your vacation trip to south India to explore the top most popular temples add this list of temples must see places.

Temple List in Tamilnadu

  • Meenakshi Amman Temple.
  • Rameshwaram.
  • Tiruvannamalai.
  • Golden Temple Vellore.
  • Melmaruvathur.
  • Palani.
  • Samayapuram amman temple.
  • Sri Rangam.
  • Kanchipuram Temple.
  • Kanyakumari.

1. Meenakshi Amman Temple

Meenakshi Amman Temple is situated in madurai famous temple of goddess Mennakshi. It is an ancient temple build with beautiful architecture and has great historical ancient history. Madurai meenakshi amman temple is the best place in Tamilnadu to explore the architecture of gopura monumental. Temple is organizing several services for devotees such free food, free marriage schemes, accommodation. At festival season different types of poojas is organized by temple. Meenakshi Amman Temple Timings to visit the temple for worship Morning 5.00am – 12.00 pm and in evening 4.00pm to 10.00pm. If you like to donate for annadhanam for 100, 500 people you donate on various schemes available in temple for devotees.

2. Rameshwaram Ramanathaswamy Temple

Rameshwaram is very famous for Ramayana it is located on pamban island need to tavel in pamban water bridge to reach the temple. This temple is very famous and history of Rama and sita ancient Ramayana story. Ramayana God Rama is the 7th avatar of Lord vishnu, Hindus are well know about the Ramayana story written by valmiki. The Ramayana is the great story of Lord Rama recuses sita from Ravana, who has 10 heads war between Rama and Ravana most interesting story. People who don’t know about Ramayana can know in reading book or Ramayana movies. In Rameshwaram you can see stone bridge in sea to srilanka to resuse wife sita from Ravanna. Many other different temples, Ramayana memories are in Rameshwaram temple. Darshan for lord Rama is morning before 12.00 pm or evening after 4.00 will be the good to worship it takes approximately to Rama darshan. After you can visit offer you prayers Lord Hanuman, Goddess Sita and other near by temples in Rameshwaram.

3. Tiruvannamalai

Tiruvannamalai  Arunachalam temple is the most famous and biggest Lord shiva temple in Tamilnadu India. Annamalai Temple is located in between hills and build with large gopurams the main entrance is the tallest called as Raja Gopuram. Yearly once in Tiruvannamalai  Temple Karthigai deepam festivtal is organized with huge crowd of devottes will worship lord shiva of largest deepam in this festival. Every month driung Pournami( full moon day) Tiruvannamalai  Girivalam is most famous, millions of devotees will walk around the hill of lord Shiva approx 18km distance. Girivalam has no timings you can start walking at any time on pournami day usually crowd will starts from evening and night times. Tiruvannamalai  Girivalam  benefits  can offer you prayers to lord shiva, you will get free mind, physical fitness, relief form your tensions and dedicate your time to god good place to spend time.

4. Golden Temple Vellore

Golden temple is situates in sripuram near vellore Tamilnadu. Temple is build with full of gold goddess Lakshmi most beautiful temple to visit surrounded with garden area. This temple is recent built, it is one of the greatest wonder in Tamilnadu, beautiful golden temple surrounded by star garden area and temple with full of gold in water. To worship goddess Lakshmi need to walk in start path and offer prayers to goddess, free food is provide by the temple after the darshan. Special entry tickets are available Rs.300 per person this tickets will allow you to enter nearest to goddess Lakshmi and they will allow to sit near to 5-7 feet distance you can offer your prayers for 10 minutes. If you like to donate some money for annadhanam you can donate some money or you can also buy and give some rice for annadhanam available outside once you finish your free food prasadam and coming out from dining hall. If you give money to them they will give rice you can donate to temple.

5. Melmaruvathur

Melmaruvathur Omsakthi temple is very famous in Tamlinadu it is located nearest to Chennai approx 80km distance nearest airport is Chennai. During malai season devotees crowd will be more several devotees men, women will wear malai with irumudi and offer their prayers yearly once. After this season you can visit Melmaruvathur temple as usually goddess Omsakthi takes 30 minutes for worship normal days. Accommodation, free food for devotees, free medicine by temple organized by bangaru adigalar. Bangaru adigalar is spiritual guru in Melmaruvathur Omsakthi temple hads Amma charitable trust helping people doing good things for people such as in medical, education, food and more.

6. Palani Temple

Palani murugan temple situated at top of the hills, murugan is son of lord Shiva famous temple in Tamilnadu. Murugan Palani Temple is very crowded during November to January due sabarimala season. Ayyapa devotees will visit to murugan temple after finishing their darshan to worship lord Murugan since Ayyapa and Murgan are brothers. Temple is on top of the hill to visit top you can visit travel via train and rope cars it will take you up to the top of hill. Also steps are available if you like to walk can choose steps nearly 1000 steps to reach top of the hill. Palani panchamrutham is the famous prasadam in temple you can also buy near by shops in temple.

7. Samayapuram Temple

Samayapuram Mariamman temple is the amman temple located in Tiruchirappalli(Trichy) Tamilnadu. Temple is situated in the Highway between Chennai and Trichy 16km distance form Trichy . Mariamman Temple is very famous in Tamilan people most powerful goddess mariamman. Various poojas are offered to goddess during the festival season. During Aadi month devotees crowd will be very huge you can buy special entry tickets for worship.

8. Sri Rangam Temple

Srirangam Temple (Ranganathaswamy Temple) is very famous temple of Lord Vishnu in Trichy Tamilnadu. Srirangam temple is considered as one of the most important temple of lord Vishnu and biggest Vishnu temple in Tamilnadu. The is build with large goupram and inside you can see all lord Vishnu avatars. Special entry tickets are available during crowd season normal days it will take 30 minutes for darshan. Ranganathaswamy is must see temple for lord Vishnu morning or evening is very good time for worshiping lord Vishnu.

9. Kanchipuram temple

Kamakshi amman temple is famous temple located in between Vellore and Chennai. Kanchipuram is also know as city of temples, it is also very famous for silk sarees in India. Sri chakra is very famous and powerful in kamakshi amman temple. India is famous for temples Total 18 sakthi peetham and Kanchi peetham is considered as one of important peetham . Visit to Vardaraja perumal temple Golden and sliver lizard on ceiling worshop lord vishu famous must visit place in Kanchipuram.

10. Kanyakumari

Kanaykumari Devi Kanya Kumari temple is very popular and Tiruvalluvar statue in middle of the sea is very attractive. Kanyakumari is the beautiful tourist place in Tamilnadu with large number of visitor. Experience the view of statue ride on boat most unforgettable moment and beauty of the sea. Yearly once various festivals are organized in the temple visitors crowd. Best time to visit is evening to spend time in the beach and explore the nature and sea. Kanyakumari is the best and must sight seeing place with family and friends on holidays or vacations.


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